I didn’t work today. Yay. I know a lot of people who did. I tend to get this craving to cook, more accurately, I get a baking itch on my days off. I had an absolutely amazing lemon meringue tart not too long ago. But I didn’t need another disaster similar to my lemon meringue pie incident (disasters for another day, another post).

So I scoured the internet (as well as many of my favorite food blogs), and came across an easy looking recipe from Katy over at Sugarlaws: Chocolate-Drizzled Oatmeal Lace Cookies.

Seriously, how yum do those look? I wish I had taken her warning about how much the cookies spread to heart. While baking, the oatmeal sheet overtook my entire baking sheet. Thankfully, due to the amount of butter in the recipe, it was relatively easy for me to detach from my cookie sheet. The first batch, I rolled into a longish log shape. Instead of a chocolate drizzle, I made a chocolate dipping sauce. I had less batter to work with for the 2nd batch, so I just made four dollops, and ended up with two longish cookies, about 4 inches wide and 8 inches long.

I have a picture for posting of the 2nd batch, I will try to remember to post soon.